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Mentors – Your Team Needs Them!

Mentors – Your Team Needs Them!

By: Karen M. Belair, MSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HR Consultant, Insight HRM


Why invest in mentors? Choosing mentors who know and understand your business offers unique investment into employee’s knowledge and experience. New employees need time to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to become a productive member of your work force. Helping a new employee learn the processes and procedures, embrace the culture and buy into the organization’s mission simply can’t be done solely through an orientation program conducted by management or HR.  This is where a mentor program can boost new employee engagement and retention!

A sound mentoring program is a win-win for both new hires and established employees. Employees overwhelmingly state they desire challenges, responsibilities and a chance to make a difference. Establishing valued employees as mentors provides a unique sense of pride and achievement which are values that departing employees stated as a significant reason for leaving an organization when they were lacking.

Mentor Program:

Developing an effective mentor program requires intent, top management support and yes-some financial backing. Building a reliable, efficient mentoring program is much simpler than many believe.

  • Identify mentors
  • Identify mentees
  • Train both mentors and mentees
  • Establish program outline with objectives and deliverables
  • Measure the program along the way and adjust as needed

Insight HRM can outline the steps to building a solid mentor foundation, help you train and develop mentors and design the metrics you need to show the value mentoring can bring to your organization.

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Insight HRM partners with businesses of all sizes to help them plan strategically, bridge the gaps between their current situation and future growth, and provide invaluable guidance to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic HR environment.  Insight HRM’s professionals are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex world of employment regulations while leveraging your most valuable resource: workforce talent.  In addition to providing HR consulting services, Insight HRM also offers Virtual Administrative Support.

About Karen Belair
Karen M. Belair, MSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is an HR Professional, with experience in Human Resource Management (HRM), Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Retail, Healthcare and the Financial Services industries. Karen’s passion is implementing her HR knowledge and experience to create a stronger, more efficient and healthier organization, based on HR planning, policy & procedure and HR best practices.
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