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Your Hiring Process has Everything to do with Brand Strategy

How to Improve Your Hiring Process with These Four Changes (Hint: It has Everything to do with Brand Strategy) By Sarah Stanley, CEO of Hoyden Creative Group and Amy Bergman, President of Insight HRM If you have been involved in hiring, you’ve surely seen some bumpy rides for both the new hire and the organization. Ready to do better? Call…

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5 Strategies to a Healthy Organizational Culture

5 Strategies to a Healthy Organizational Culture Is your company culture healthy?  Employee health is not just about the physical body and employers should take a look at their company culture to see if it aligns with their health and wellness focus.  Let’s look at five strategies for promoting a healthy organizational culture. Eliminate Culture…

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$308,811 Awarded in Back Wages

US Department of Labor news releases reported over $1.235 Million in back wages and damages awarded for employer violations of minimum wage, overtime, recordkeeping and various wage and hour violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) just in the week of July 9, 2018.  Are you confident in your pay practices?  Many business owners…

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Workplace Harassment: Strategies for Prevention Webinar Series:  The recent wave of harassment allegations, never ending media coverage of the next great organization to be smeared by the vile acts of their employees and the ongoing coverage of the criminal sexual assault and abuse in the Nassar trial have all led to a common question among employers and HR Professionals: “what if that was my company or employee?” Do you have the systems in place to manage, or better yet to prevent, a situation like this? Also, all of this media coverage is fueling your employees with concerns and bringing these issues to the surface.  The MeToo movement has gained momentum and employees are feeling safety in the numbers of people coming forward.

It’s time to make sure your company is in compliance.  When was the last time you actually read your employee handbook and just as importantly your company’s harassment policies and procedures?

Insight HRM has launched a webinar series to address common pitfalls and concerns relating to workplace harassment and to provide strategies for prevention. Don’t be surprised when a new harassment claim is before you, be prepared – or prevent one altogether. Register for this webinar series to gain some insight.

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