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Recruiting and Selection in a Virtual World

Recruiting and Selection in a Virtual World

This is an unusual market for attracting talent and filling positions.  The pandemic created a cycle of unemployment that continues to reward people to stay off of work.    It is a challenging time to fill open positions and even though there are many people seeking work, connecting with them and getting to the finish line can be frustrating.  Flipping your process to online and virtual via video interviews may be just the push an organization needs to create a more efficient hiring process.  Many companies have been doing it this way for years while others were still using paper applications and emailed resumes.  Here are some tips for getting to the finish line with your open positions.

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  1. Employer Brand – make sure your online presence as an employer represents who you say you are, your core values and your purpose. If your web presence is mediocre, you may not attract the candidates that you are seeking.  Pay attention to what people are saying about your company in social media and review platforms such as Glassdoor.  Build your employer brand through use of employee testimonials, video highlights on your social and web platforms, featuring your uniqueness as an employer, etc.  Use your brand ambassadors (employees) to your fullest by empowering them to be part of your recruiting efforts to attract new talent.  If your brand includes efforts relating to diversity, equity and inclusion be sure to feature this as well.


  1. Applicant Tracking System – use an automated online tool to post positions, collect applicants, screen candidates and keep track of all recruiting activity. There are many systems available, even for the smallest of budgets.  Driving interested candidates from various social platforms to a universal online applicant tracking portal will streamline your process both internally and for the applicants.


  1. Structured Selection Process – mapping out the process and sticking to it will help to put some order into a sometimes-overwhelming process of sifting through candidates. Taking the time up front to map out the process and communicated it to the internal people responsible for the recruiting effort such as HR, Hiring Managers, Schedulers, etc. as well as to the candidates during the process.


  1. Virtual and Phone Interviews – the efficiencies gained by using the technology to work through interviewing candidates is amazing! There’s something about the virtual video interview that eliminates the random tangents that interviewers and interviewees used to go on when meeting in person.  Using a phone screening interview first, helps to gain some insight into the candidate before deciding on a lengthier video interview. Ghosting has become the norm.  Candidates agree to an interview, or even accept a job offer, then they are never heard from again.  Some strategies to limit ghosting is to (1) reduce the amount of time within your selection process; and (2) provide confirmation emails/texts/calls to remind candidates of their scheduled interview, start date, etc.; and (3) keep them warm throughout the process with regular communication between the accepted job offer and the start date, emails, calls and texts along with mailing a welcome package with company swag or some other acknowledgment like  a gas card for “first tank’s on us, welcome aboard!”


  1. Assessments – another selection tool that is very beneficial is using an assessment to help further understand the candidates’ interests, work styles and strengths. The assessment report should have benchmarks for the various elements of the position and company along with sample interview/follow up questions to use in further review of the candidate.


These five HR tips for getting to the finish line with your open positions will serve your business during the pandemic and well into the future.

Be sure to attend the Webinar “Key Human Resource Topics in the Era of COVID-19 & Beyond” June 17, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST.  Register Here to learn more ways to implement emerging essentials in your human resource management.

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