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Is Talent Acquisition and Retention Keeping You Up at Night?

Is Talent Acquisition and Retention Keeping You Up at Night?

By: Karen M. Belair, MSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HR Consultant, Insight HRM

What are the issues that HR leaders just can’t shut down at night? It’s no secret that HR professionals take their work home…our brains keep on churning long after we leave the office. As organizational changes grow exponentially during these extreme times, the demand for ongoing development among human resource professionals seems endless. HR has come a long way from being “paper pushers” to now holding a strategic position and often a principal seat at the leadership table.


In XpertHR’s recent HR Trends survey, HR professionals reported recruiting and hiring as their most critical challenge. Of those respondents, 51% said that their organization is facing an “extreme challenge” recruiting and hiring high-quality candidates, more than double the number (22%) from just two years ago. When it comes to acquiring top talent, the rules have changed. The tense labor market continues to create significant challenges for HR.


So how can companies begin to compete and succeed in these challenging times?  Creating competitive advantages for talent processes by offering tailored incentives is one major innovation top organizations are using. The skills market, labor demand and multi-generational workforce have shown us that one size does not fit all. We suggest using skills tests and behavioral assessments during the initial stage of the hiring process and determine what motivates top talent. Engaging those motivation factors will help recruit and retain top talent. For some new hires, it may mean more money, but for many employees, it means development opportunities, flexible working conditions, increased responsibilities, greater autonomy, career growth opportunities or even the chance make a difference in the world.

Insight HRM can help identify and resolve your acquisition concerns. As an independent 3rd party organization, we can review, audit and recommend some best practices that will help you rise above the competition!

Visit insighthrm.com to review additional resources or contact info@insighthrm.com for solutions with your human resources practices.

Insight HRM partners with businesses of all sizes to help them plan strategically, bridge the gaps between their current situation and future growth, and provide invaluable guidance to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic HR environment.  Insight HRM’s professionals are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex world of employment regulations while leveraging your most valuable resource: workforce talent.  In addition to providing HR consulting services, Insight HRM also offers Virtual Administrative Support.


About Karen Belair
Karen M. Belair, MSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is an HR Professional, with experience in Human Resource Management (HRM), Education, Non-Profit Organizations, Retail, Healthcare and the Financial Services industries. Karen’s passion is implementing her HR knowledge and experience to create a stronger, more efficient and healthier organization, based on HR planning, policy & procedure and HR best practices.
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