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2019’s Hot HR Topics in Michigan

2019’s Hot HR Topics in Michigan

  1. Recreational Marijuana: Consider updating your employer policies regarding drugs & alcohol to include marijuana. Re-evaluate your policies on drug testing for pre-employment as well as reasonable suspicion.
  2. Paid Medical Leave Act (Michigan’s new rule): Employers with 50 or more employees (part time and full time) should review their paid leave policy which may already provide enough to satisfy this new regulation; however, take a closer look because this applies to all employees not just Full Time.  Many employer’s paid time off policies only apply to Full Time employees.
  3. Minimum Wage changes (in Michigan): Sharpen your pencils for the upcoming budget years.  March 29, 2019 Michigan minimum wage increases to $9.45/hour and every January 1st thereafter until 2030 when it will reach $12.05/hour.  New minimum wage labor law posters will need to be posted as well.
  4. Harassment/discrimination in the workplace: Employers should re-evaluate their training and policies to protect employees and define expectations and appropriate behavior.  Now, more than ever, a live and interactive training program for employees as well as a separate program for managers/supervisors is recommended.  Claims of retaliation are on the rise!
  5. Ignorance is not a defense in compliance with employment regulations: Employers of all sizes should especially take note of regulations regarding recruitment, hiring, off-duty conduct and social media.

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