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Look to Insight HRM to provide expert advice and valuable human resources consulting services designed to help you maximize the potential of your organization.

Our HR experts are dedicated to helping your business meet all regulatory requirements while leveraging the most valuable resource it has: workforce talent.

We encourage you to explore Insight HRM’s services, then contact our HR professionals to learn more about how we can help you.

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COVID-19 Management Services

For assistance in structuring internal communications, creating a COVID-19 Plan, assistance in developing your HR strategy or in managing your HR compliance Insight HRM is available to assist with the following services:

COVID-19 Administration & Ongoing Management

• Insight On Demand HR Hotline
• Comprehensive COVID-19 Preparedness & Response Plan
• Remote Working Policy Review/Update or Compilation
• Employment Regulation Compliance
• COVID-19 Case Management of employee issues

HR Solutions Consulting on COVID-19 Issues (ad-hoc as needed)

• Phone and email consultation on HR issues as they arise.
• Accompanying follow up research, response, preparations, etc., as needed.

HR Pro

• HR FAQ Access
• HR Resources Access
• Pre-HR Audit Assessment

HR Master

All HR Pro Services plus:
• Up to 10 Job Descriptions/year
• Insight on Demand Hotline

HR Champion

All HR Master Services plus:
• Up to 15 Job Descriptions/year
• Insight on Demand Hotline
• 1 full HR Audit
• 1 full Employee Handbook Review/Production

Insight On Demand

Get the advantage of our flexible, customized monthly HR subscription services.

HR Project Management & Strategy Consultation

Expand your company’s capabilities with Insight HRM serving as an extension of your HR Department on a project basis; and/or tap into our HR expertise to align your HR strategy with your organization’s strategic goals.

Outsourced HR Services

Our experts provide full-service outsourced HR services to direct all aspects of HR management.

Brand Loyalty Kit

The Brand Loyalty Kit provides a way for you to facilitate employee attraction, engagement, and retention to maximize your brand, culture, and investment in the team.

Speaking & Training

Insight HRM offers an engaging experience for participants through interactive workshops and high-level presentation formats, designed to fit the needs of your organization.

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